Christopher Squier, San Francisco

Elvira was a fantastic tour guide during my brief visit to Leipzig. She combines superb knowledge of local highlights, entertaining historical stories, and super friendly conversation (but it was super nice weather so maybe just a good day for her). I booked a full day tour and had the most engaging and hilarious time imaginable. We stopped by some of the unique cathedrals (one is like a pastel wedding cake and the other has the historic boys choir directed at one point by J.S. Bach), experienced the marzipan joy of the Leipziger Torte, saw underground taverns described by Goethe, and much more. The real treat for me was when we rented bicycles and cycled through the cultural art districts of the city, stopping to peek our heads in to artists’ studios and galleries. I requested a quick (but critical) stop for coffee and then we headed out on a sporty bike ride to the lake to revive my skinny legs after too many hours on the airplane. At the lake, we kicked back with a beer while drying off before heading back into the city. With Elvira leading your tour, you can feel assured you’ll experience Leipzig and the surrounding areas as though you are with a friend and a true cultural connoisseur combined in one. Elvira, thank you!